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Jo Corrigan

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Māca: Angļu

Runā: Angļu

Dalībnieks no: October 1, 2019

international Baccalaureate


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I Love to teach! I am dedicated, punctual, professional and like to incorporate fun into every lesson! If a student is enjoying the experience of learning a new language and having fun, then they are more likely to learn!

I believe that all  areas of the English language  are important, (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) as well as being the building blocks towards achieving fluency! I would sensitively make corrections and support throughout the class, speaking fluently takes practice, patience and time and I feel I have the skills to implement all Three and more! I enjoy discussions about every aspect of life in general, and encourage conversation/questions throughout my classes.

I know where to encourage  and where to let the student absorb the knowledge at their own pace. My love for the English language and my teaching experiences would put me in a positive position to explain in a clear, fun and interesting way to ESL students the world over the complexities of all aspects of Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation! I am a great communicator and listener!  I have for the last 4 years been teaching online via Skype Italian students,( Doctors, Architects and Engineers) which I am really enjoying as are they! I love to travel, am interested in world current affairs, different cultures, as well as having a real passion for the Arts!

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Viktorija Kozlenkova attēls Viktorija K. Thu, Nov 14, 2019

Our lesson is just ended and I'm still impressed! What a warm and lovely lesson it was. This teacher make me feel relaxed and comfortable during the lesson. I can definitely recommend Jo to any person, who is interested in learning english.