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B.Soc.Sci Psychology and Art History


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My lessons are very specialised towards the student. This is about the content and the teaching style. Every student has a different method of learning they prefer, and as a teacher it is my duty to find out the ways in which each student will perform their best. I organise my lessons accordingly to our first interaction, on my student's personality and the reasons they present for learning the language. For example two students will receive different example sentences on the grammar that we learned the same day depending on their job or age, or interests. This helps the students relate to the material and have more references to it in their daily lives. 

I am a tutor who values, above all, the dedication and motivation the student presents during our lessons, and even more importantly outside of our lessons. I believe this off-lesson time is most important and I try to keep the student interested with resources and activities (tv shows etc.) during the days between lessons. I provide a professional yet friendly relationship to my students where you are able to reach out to me to practice the language or ask questions whenever you want. I also am very patient and caring with my students, I help them balance language learning and their life outside of language learning, to create a mutually beneficial balance.

In my lessons you will be provided with lesson notes, practices, suggestions, word lists etc. on a shared folder that allows you to have access to it whenever they wish. 

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