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Говорит: Китайский , Английский , Французский , Греческий , Испанский

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University of Strasbourg, Marc-Block II. Master I degree

Professional Language Tutor

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I work as a Chinese, French and Spanish teacher, providing lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.I have been working with kids, teenagers and adults, providing lessons of all levels (A1-2. B1-2, C1-2) and preparing students to take part in language exams. I also provide lessons for business purposes. 

During the course, I use specialized activities for kids, teens and adults, such as flashcards, audiovisual material (songs, extracts of films), vocabulary and grammar activities, oral exercises in order to consolidate their language knowledge. For example, I like to teach grammar in situational context and dialogues. Moreover, I give students material  that helps them to get in touch with the culture and mentality of the country whose language are bound to learn (literature extracts, press articles, recipes, texts about local traditions, etc). 

Besides that, I have attended several seminars and educational training, (such as: Relations between parents, children and childcare professionalsDyslexia, epidemic or mythIntegration of cultural aspects in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, The ICT in Teaching French as a Foreign Language / Pedagogical approaches for CEFR Levels A1/A2, B1/B2,)  that have helped me to enrich my knowledge and approach in the educational context. 


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