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Amalia Gkountara

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Преподает: Греческий

Говорит: Английский , Немецкий , Греческий

Member Since: October 31, 2018

B.A. in Department of Educational & Social Policy, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, University of Macedonia


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My name is Amalia and I am a native Greek speaker.

I am teaching Greek language to children and adults through the use of educational software and assistive technology for more than twelve years. Main goal of my lessons is learning Greek in an easy, comfort and fun way.

I am really flexible and all lessons are adjusted to each student’s individual learning needs, skills, interests and goals. 

Age groups: All ages

Levels: All levels (from Beginners to Advanced)


  • Speaking / Basic Communication Skills
  • Reading (texts are based on each student’s interests)
  • Vocabulary (not just remembering but active-recall learning to make new words stick)
  • Writing, Grammar

The teaching material I use (textbook, listening exercises, videos) is based on the New Detailed Examination Syllabus and my students can prepare for Certification of Attainment in Greek Exams, if the wish to do so.

If my lessons suit your needs, I would be glad to meet you in a trial lesson.


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