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My teaching method varies depending on the needs, personality and center of interests of the student.

That being said, here are the big lines of my approach.

Learning a language in an efficient way is about having fun and develop a certain feeling towards the learned language.

That's why my learning method focus on practicing the language "on the field" through real life situations, songs, videos or news of the moment.

A big part of the teaching is about conveying the passion or at least a certain positive feeling about the language, making it closer to the student. This works well through anecdotes and  providing valuable information about the culture, its fascinating features and what I call catching the logic of the language. In a nutshell, it is all about thinking in the language. It makes the learning much easier and much more natural.

That being said, my approach would adapt to academic requirements if the student goal is for example to pass an exam.

Если ты действительно хочешь заговорить на языке, открыть для себя новые горизонты и новые возможности в жизни, ты реально можешь это сделать!
Kais Sahli поможет тебе в этом и будет твоим верным сопровождающим в увлекательном пути изучения языка.
Полюби изучение языка! Выйди за рамки просто изучения языка, расширь границы знаний и восприятия мира.
Не изучай язык, а живи им!

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