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Tetiana Polishchuk

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Преподает: Английский , Русский

Говорит: Английский , Русский

Member Since: July 15, 2019

Master degree in Philology

Private tutor

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I am very passionate about English and teaching. During doing my Master degree in English, I have already been working as a private tutor for children and adults. I am proud for every success of my students and it motivates me to work even harder to deliver best possible results. I try to find out an individual approach to every person and provide materials and training which would be the most appropriate and interesting to this person.


As a native Russian speaker with Degree in linguistics I can be your very sensitive guide in proper usage of this language, not only as a literature language but vivid, as it is really used in practice. I have been tutoring Russian language for 2 years to people who could not recognize Cyrillic even, and after few months already could describe themselves in Russian. 

Носитель и преподаватель русского языка, магистр филологии. Более двух лет преподаю русский иностранцам. Всегда пытаюсь найти индивидуальный подход и учитываю интересы учеников. С удовольствием стану вашим проводником в мир русского языка.

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