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Преподает: Английский , Американскиий Английский , Испанский

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Coventry University MA Auto design

Teacher / language teacher

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The will follow a good structure Methodology.

A) Identification of your level.  B) Structure lessons to do both writing and speaking. C) Step by step to build up your skills.

All exercises are very practical and help you to introduce you quickly into the Language.

If you will like to join my the lessons: I am a very extrovert person, like to teach you all the basics of the Language and show you how to perform in open conversations.  I'll give you the best tips related to each country that you are planning to travel to.  Either you want to speak privately or Business related, I will guide you on the right path.

I will check your grammar, your writing and correct your general abilities to express yourself.

Our Course will be properly structure:

1) Recommend it literature to follow and do exercises on a daily base.  (Daily or twice a week)

2) Everyday conversations vocabulary at the shop

3) Everyday conversations at the restaurant

4) Everyday conversations at work

5) Written Exercises: Formal Emails. Business emails, Personal emails.

6) Corrections of your written exercises

7) Twice a week exercises pointed at the industry you work on.

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