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Bachelor of Science

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My name is Rick and I am from Cheshire in the UK. I have a Bachelor of Science, and I have qualified as a TEFL teacher with an advanced course in Teaching English Online.

I have worked in the construction industry for many years, and now I am living in Spain. I am learning Spanish so I understand the difficulties with learning a new language.

I like listening to music, keeping fit and travelling. I have been to many countries in the world, but I still want to see more, and hopefully one day I will see more of Africa.

I am passionate about languages , and helping my students learn the most important language in the world....English.

To learn a new language you need guidance and I can guide you in the right direction.

My lessons will be tailored around your needs. I will speak nice and slowly for beginners, and at a normal speed with more advanced students.

Please feel free to book a lesson and lets enjoy the wonderful experience of learning a new language together.

Поздравляем Richard!

Пока другие только мечтают, ты уже действуешь! Влюбись в процесс изучения языка и сделай его частью своей жизни.

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My name is Rick and I am interested in learning Spanish.

I am motivated to learn Spanish because I live in South Spain and I am finding it difficult to communicate with the locals.