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Преподает: Датский

Говорит: Датский , Английский

Член с: July 22, 2019



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Hi! I come from Århus in Denmark. The reason I have chosen to become a teacher at Lonet.Academy, is mostly that I love to teach :D 

I love sharing my knowledge with others and help them learn. Right now I attend Aarhus university and I'm majoring in classic philology, with the purpose of later becoming a teacher at a gymnasium. 

I have taken both English and Danish on A-level in school, and I am a native Danish speaker and fluent English speaker. I have also been on a 2-week English course in Brighton a few years back, and at that time my skills were level C2 on the CEFR-scale (meaning fluent and/or bilingual). I can't imagine that would have become worse since then ;) In my spare time I also work with English/Danish translation. 

In terms of teaching, I try my best to take everything easy and in a pace that fits the learner. I can teach both conversational-level Danish and/or go more in depth with grammar, spelling, pronunciation etc.

Im pretty flexible with finding a point of time during the day, that fits both of us :) 

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