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Master's degree of educational psychology

Indonesian language teacher

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Hi! I am Dhinny and I am from Indonesia! I always enjoy teaching because I find satisfaction when I see my students' success in reaching their goals. I am always happy to help people in any way.

I love meeting new people from around the world and look forward to helping people in learning language and in turn, I will learn something from the students as well. My personality is warm-hearted and friendly, so I can create a safe learning environment for students. Besides teaching the language, I am also a language learner. I have been learning 7 other languages. So I know what are the challenges that students face in learning the language.

In teaching language, I tend to focus on learning colloquial conversations that will make you speak like a native. We will spend time to explore vocabulary, pronunciation, and practice in speaking. I will help you gain the confidence you need to speak effectively as well. I will facilitate your learning as a friend because I understand that a good teacher needs to be a good friend as well. I also will conduct the session in a fun and relaxing way so it will engage you a lot. Trust me, the time will fly so fast during our session. 

However, our lessons will depend on your needs; if you need to work on your writing or reading, learn specialized vocabulary, or you need help with translation or mastering certain grammatical structures, we can work on that as well.

I am aware that everyone is unique. I will go at your pace and give you the time you need. I will not overwhelm you with a bunch of material for the first time, but it will be a gradual process to improve.

It will be nice if I can see you today!

Если ты действительно хочешь заговорить на языке, открыть для себя новые горизонты и новые возможности в жизни, ты реально можешь это сделать!
Dhinny Elfazila поможет тебе в этом и будет твоим верным сопровождающим в увлекательном пути изучения языка.
Полюби изучение языка! Выйди за рамки просто изучения языка, расширь границы знаний и восприятия мира.
Не изучай язык, а живи им!

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