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Учит: Турецкий

Говорит: Арабский, Арабский (Египет) , Английский , , Турецкий

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Faculty of commerce, English section, Accounting department

Manager assistant at Aramex cargo

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# I started to teach Arabic 4 years ago 

# I helped two persons (American & British) to start from the scratch to be intermediate 

# I'm specialized in teaching Arabic for beginners & intermediates so I use my own (material&the way which is suitable for beginners 

Also, material for intermediates. 

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Пока другие только мечтают, ты уже действуешь! Влюбись в процесс изучения языка и сделай его частью своей жизни.

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#My name is Mohamed Dawod and I'm 23 years old. 

# I've graduated from the faculty of commerce, English section, accounting department 2 years ago and I work as a manager assistant at Aramex cargo ATM

# I started to learn English 6 years ago 

# I've started to learn Turkish as well 9 months ago. 

# I love what I do... I have a blast with that time when I teach a partner or know some new culture aspects