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Dhananjay Talwar attēls

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Dhananjay Talwar

Māca: Angļu , Franču , Vācu , Hindi, Itāļu , Latīņu, Portugāļu (Brazīlija) , Rumāņu , Spāņu

Runā: Katalāņu, Ķīniešu (vienkāršotā) , Angļu , Esperanto , Franču , Vācu , Grieķu , Hindi, Hungarian, Itāļu , Latīņu, Panjabi; Punjabi, Portugāļu (Brazīlija) , Rumāņu , Krievu , Slovak , Spāņu

I have over 4 years’ experience as a tutor. I have taught English as a Foreign Language, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Latin to various levels as well as English (Language/Literature) and Maths to 13+ level and below. My teaching experience has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a range of different people from all ages and backgrounds, as I have taught students from 5 years old to over 60 years old and of all different levels!

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Giulia Conci attēls

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Giulia Conci

Māca: Itāļu , Portugāļu (Brazīlija) , Spāņu

Runā: Arābu, Angļu , Vācu , Itāļu , Portugāļu (Brazīlija) , Spāņu

- I worked in Brazil as Italian teacher - I am working online since 2013 - DELE certification, Zertifikat Deutsch, CELPE-BRAS, IELTS - Liceo Linguistico Rosmini (Italy) - Estudios Semiticos en la Universidad de Granada (UGR)

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Fabiane Michelon attēls

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Fabiane Michelon

Māca: Portugāļu (Brazīlija) , Spāņu

Runā: Angļu , Portugāļu (Brazīlija) , Spāņu

Teaching since 1994, I have experience with all ages, from 3 to 70 years old (it’s true!). Worked with individual or group classes. I completed my English Studies at the Institute I worked for, I really have to apply for a certification, I haven’t done it yet. For Spanish I applied for DELE (a certification from Cervantes Institute in the name of Education, Culture and Sports Ministry from Spain). We can work on general info or specific points you may need: like business, sports, tourism, trip

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Ana Bacci attēls

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Ana Bacci

Māca: Portugāļu (Brazīlija)

Runā: Portugāļu (Brazīlija) , Angļu , Spāņu

Professor and adviser of Portuguese at Higher Technical Career in Marketing: Mercosur Orientation.With a study Portuguese as a compulsory subject to obtain their degree. With more than 15 years of experience, I teach Portuguese to people from Argentina, Latin America and around the world. We will make a fun and productive lesson so you can learn to speak and write our language.

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