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  • Please introduce yourself by sharing the information: why are you interested in learning languages and what is your major motivation; you may write about you as a personality, mentioning your main life achievements and goals; any other interesting information about you, which you would like to share will be appreciated. NOTE: You may write in different languages, so that different language speakers can read and understand the text.


    Why am I interested in learning new languages? Because I think that the more languages you know, the better you will be prepared for the world in which we currently live.

    I like to write and read, I am currently writing a book about science fiction, I am a lover of travel, I like to know new places and cultures. I like rock and electronic music.

    I want to finish learning German, learn Russian and French, why have I chosen these languages? German and Russian because they have character, they have power. French for my plans to live in Canada.


    ¿Por qué estoy interesado en aprender nuevos idiomas? Porque pienso que entre más idiomas sabes, estarás mejor preparado para el mundo en el que vivimos actualmente.

    Me gusta escribir y leer, actualmente estoy escribiendo un libro sobre ciencia ficción, soy un amante de los viajes, me gusta conocer nuevos lugares y culturas. Me gusta la música Rock y electrónica.

    Quiero terminar de aprender alemán, aprender ruso y francés, ¿por qué he elegido estos idiomas? Alemán y ruso porque tienen caracter, tienen poder. Francés por mis planes que tengo de vivir en Canadá.

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  • Please write about your methods and tools, which you use during teaching practice. You may explain why do you like teaching and mention why learners should chose you as their Teacher. Please describe structure of your lessons and explain to your potential learners what are the benefits of your methodology. You may add other details concerning your teaching practice and experience, which you consider essential and interesting. You may upload a plan of your lesson, as an example, or mention the major topics/context/material your lessons are based on. You are welcome to share any other information about you as a personality and character features, which describe you as a good language Teacher.
    Hello, How are you? I hope everything is going well, I'll tell you a little about myself.
    My name is Manuel, I am a native Spanish speaker, I think that language should not be a barrier to know and understand the world, I know that feeling of not being able to communicate with others and I want to help solve that problem that you have.

    If you have reached my profile it means that you are looking to learn the language of Cervantes (if you do not know who was Miguel de Cervantes, do not worry, soon you will learn it with me). I like to explain and teach I have a lot of patience with my students, I have experience from teenagers of 15 years to gentlemen of 70 years.

    My way of teaching is innovative, I like rock music and why not include a little rock in Spanish in our class? Not only will you learn formal and business Spanish, you will also learn colloquial Spanish, for speak with your friends and daily life, depending on the situation.

    How will you learn the lessons? I will put at your disposal several resources, such as videos created by me, we can have live talks, I will adapt to your schedule and I will not rest until you can speak Spanish fluently.

    Now you are wondering why should I choose this teacher from among others? Because this teacher is a passionate traveler, born in Guatemala, but for reasons of life I know several Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia and Spain. Can you imagine knowing more local and colloquial expressions of these countries with only one teacher? It sounds good right?

    Thanks for reading and I hope to start the class with you

  • Please shortly write about your professional background, certification and teaching experience. Indicate the age groups and levels you teach. What is your specialization, the strongest professional points and major professional achievements.
    Systems engineer and freelance teacher. I have worked with high school students, up to seniors 70 year old.

    My greatest achievement is having taught an American to speak Spanish in 90 days.

    My specialization in teaching is: business Spanish and regional idioms.

    Ingeniero en sistemas y profesor freelance. He trabajando con estudiantes de preparatoria-bachillerato, hasta señores de 70 años.
    Mi mayor logro es haber enseñado a hablar español a un estadounidense en 90 días.
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