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Māca: Arābu, Arābu (Ēģipte) , Ebreju

Runā: Arābu, Arābu (Ēģipte) , Angļu (US) , Ebreju

Dalībnieks no: January 24, 2019

Judaism , Hebrew Language, linguistics , Semitics and translation at Ain Shams university in Cairo

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I'm gonna talk about my personal experience of learning foreign languages ( English in specific ), like many beginners I started taking courses and buying text books , and the method that these courses used ( just like many other courses ) was this " vocabularies and grammars" I was so happy about all the vocabularies I knew and felt like that's it I will finally be able to speak English , passed the all the written exams was flying colors and got so confident that I challenged my brother to an English conversation , and here comes the shock , I could not say even one sentence , I went get crazy back then , like what's wrong , I know all the vocabularies, I know the grammars so why on earth can't I speak , here is the sad truth , It dose not matter how many vocabularies u know if you don't know how to put them into words , and why can't you do that , it's simply because you have only learned mere words , you did not learn how the native speakers use them or when . after this big failure I tried many other methods and guess what none of them worked , after all these set backs and all the researches I made I've come up with my own way way of learning foreign languages , simplest , fastest and shortest way to perfect any foreign language . after that I was so excited to share my personal experience with others learners that I actually  started looking for online students to help them learn Arabic and Hebrew ( unpaid ), I didn't consider it as a job , I was just so passionate with teaching and sharing my experience , I met lots of students , some of them were beginners , some were not but most of them had one thing in common , they were all using the same old methods that I used at first , It was a greet feeling going with them step by step and seeing the results with almost half the time it took me because remember ( I wasted so much time on wrong methods then more time on finding the right way to learn.

Here are some of the methods I've come up with ( of course It's all about how to apply them ) .

- Listen , yes it's the most effective and well proven way to learn any language but the question is what to listen to , Listening to the wrong material like these educational ones is just as useless as studying some old text books , conversations in real life are not Just about introducing yourself and ordering a meal at a dinning restaurant , yes it is good to know how to do that but remember  we are talking about taking your foreign language to the next level here , not just settling with what is good enough to do the job , the goal is to speak your foreign language so perfectly that no native speaker can even realize you are a foreigner .

- Speak up , As crazy as it may sound , I used to speak to the mirror because I just knew that I needed to practice what I was Listening to , but as effective as it was  , looking back at it now  I realize that that it took me more than it should have to practice speaking because I had no one to correct my mistakes but it will not be the same for you because you will have me , so you can accomplish in a week what took me more than a month to accomplish

- Prohibited ! banned ! , From the moment we start your course you will have to say goodbye to your native language , If there is a word you do not know it's meaning , I'm not gonna translate it for you , the easy way of just giving you the meaning in your native language will get you no where , we will literally bury your native language , if we are talking about Arabic as a foreign language then you are gonna listen to Arabic , speak Arabic , read and write down in Arabic and guess what , think in Arabic , yes actually thinking in your head using Arabic .

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