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Adrian Schafer attēls

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Adrian Schafer

Māca: Angļu , Angļu (US) , Spāņu

Runā: Angļu (US) , Spāņu

I am a fully certified English teacher. I have 7 years of teaching English experience. I teach university in middle and high-level students. I teach professionals as well in middle range level. My Strongest point is: To help you speak fluently in different English countries. I have taught lawyers, students and film Producers.

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Peter Binder attēls

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Peter Binder

Māca: Vācu

Runā: Angļu , Franču , Vācu , Spāņu

I've been working as an online German and English teacher since 2017, where I teach students from dozens of different nationalities and all levels and age groups. Further, I've taught at a public middle school in Germany, several private language academies in Germany and Mexico and have several years of experience as a private tutor. I also have a background in software engineering (which is my second big passion, besides languages) and am currently active as a freelance developer.

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Samuel Klemke attēls

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Samuel Klemke

Māca: Vācu

Runā: Angļu , Vācu

I studied classical music and got several degrees in music and pedagogy. Since then I work as artist and teacher for music and language. My classes are designed individually towards the needs of my students, following systematically a path that will lead to their goals.

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Virginia Frontado attēls

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Virginia Frontado

Māca: Spāņu

Runā: Angļu , Franču , Spāņu

I hold a bachelor degree in modern languages teaching, and a master’s degree in linguistics and language teaching. I have been teaching English and Spanish for about 13 years to people of all ages (from preschoolers to adults) and levels (from beginners to advanced), and work very well with all of them. My major achievement as a teacher is the success of my students in the accomplisment their goals. My strongest fields are grammar, reading and speaking.

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Mona Zurub attēls

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Mona Zurub

Māca: Arābu

Runā: Arābu, Angļu , Japāņu

I hold BA degree in natural science. . I have a certificate in teaching Arabic to the speakers of other languages. I have TOT certificate in teaching Arabic.

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Ayat Morsi attēls

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Ayat Morsi

Māca: Arābu, Arābu (Ēģipte)

Runā: Arābu, Arābu (Ēģipte) , Angļu (US)

Education 2016 Dibloma in Preparing An Arabic Teacher for non Native speakers Faculty of Graduate studies of Education / Cairo University - Cairo - Egypt TAFEL Diploma ( Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Langauge . 2006 - 2010 B.A Arabic and Islamic studies Faculty of Dar El_Uloom / Cairo University - Cairo - Egypt Work Experience 2017 Teaching Arabic and Quran Online http://elarabiaonline.net/ - Cairo - Egypt I am authorized to recommend and/or effect hiring, disciplining, promoting, punishing, rewa

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Abdallah Dabes attēls

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Abdallah Dabes

Māca: Arābu

Runā: Arābu, Angļu , Vācu , Krievu

Hi , my name is Abdallah . I'm a native Arabic speaker from Egypt . i can work with beginner , intermediate and advanced levels . i can teach the Egyptian dialect and also the formal Arabic language . i have some experience of teaching Arabic using English language .

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Valeria Gargiulo attēls

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Valeria Gargiulo

Māca: Itāļu

Runā: Angļu , Vācu , Itāļu

Graduated in Interpretation and Translation in Italian, English and German 1 year teaching experience. Fluent speaker in English and German Translator from English and German into Italian.

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Kai Xiang Khor attēls

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Kai Xiang Khor

Māca: Ķīniešu , Ķīniešu (vienkāršotā)

Runā: Ķīniešu , Ķīniešu (vienkāršotā) , Angļu , Angļu (US)

I was a relief allied educator (Chinese) in a secondary school (Lower secondary age ranging from 13 to 14). Moreover, I am currently giving Chinese tuition on a one to one basis.

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Itzel Nájera attēls

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Itzel Nájera

Māca: Spāņu

Runā: Angļu , Spāņu , Zviedru

I am certified by International House and Instituto Cervantes as a Spanish teacher and I have over 3 years of experience teaching in both group settings and private lessons with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. I specialise in teaching adults and beginner and intermediate levels. Age group: 12+ Level: All levels

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