Itzel Nájera attēls



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Mācās: Poļu , Portugāļu

Runā: Angļu , Spāņu , Zviedru

Native language: Spāņu

Dalībnieks no: January 26, 2018

FPELE – International House

Spanish Teacher

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During my lessons my main focus is for my students to practice their speaking skills. I like to make my lessons dynamic and interesting and personalised to my students. Everyone learns in a different way and my lessons reflect that. I prepare my own learning material and exercises for my students.

I believe that languages and cultures are not isolated from each other and one of my favourite things about teaching is being able to share bits and pieces of my culture with my students. In my material, you'll find references to Mexico and its culture, and interesting facts about Mexico and Latin America.

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Par mani

Hi! My name is Itzel and I'm 25 years old. I was born in Belgium, raised in Mexico and now I live in Sweden. Since very little I had an interest in different cultures and learning languages has been a big passion. I am currently studying Linguistics at Uppsala University.

I studied Physics at university back in Mexico and my main interest was doing workshops and doing popular science, which led me into teaching. I got certified as a Spanish teacher and I've been working as a teacher for the past 3 years.