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Mācās: Itāļu

Runā: Angļu , Spāņu

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Dalībnieks no: January 18, 2019

Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile


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My name is María Teresa Bello. I live in Chile. 

First of all, i have a meeting to my students to know them. Then, my students are diagnosed to grammar, reading skill and finally they do an interview. According to that, I get basically the information about my students Spanish level and eventually  I design a study plan for them. That is the first approach. After doing the diagnostic, students are able to understand what are they going to do. In other words, I tell them what are we going to do such as improve speaking, grammar, if they want any certification, and so on.  

Context is crucial in the sense of communicating. I prepare material based on everyday life. I try to teach Spanish using everyday language. However, It depends on what the students need. When I teach Spanish as a Foreign Language, on a group, I use Task-Based Learning Approach and Communicative Approach, and when I work one to one, I focus on language, give my students feedback, speaking practice correct my students mistakes if i find out one. I provide feedback by the end of the lesson, because students need to be focus on, and feedback, in my personal opinion, does not have to interrupt when the students trying to communicating something.

Apsveicam María!

Kamēr citi tikai domā un sapņo, Tu jau dari! Iemīlejies valodu apguves procesā un padari to par tavu ikdienas rutīnu.

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Par mani

Hi, I am María!

I love languages. I keen on learning any languages because i would like to know a variety of cultures, its history, people and places. Nowadays, my objectives are to deep my second language, make new friends, have a wonderful journey with my husband and to be a good teacher. If i had to describe myself, i consider myself as an enthusiastic person, hardworking, passionate, and joy. 

Hola, soy María!

Me encantan los idiomas, estoy interesada en aprender cualquier idioma porque me gustaría aprender distintas culturas, su historia, personas y lugares. Hoy en día, mis objetivos son profundizar mi segunda lengua, hacer nuevos amigos, hacer un viaje maravilloso con mi marido y ser una buena profesora. Si tuviera que describirme, me considero una persona entusiasta, trabajadora, apasionada y alegre. 

Ciao sono María!

Amo le lingue, mi interessa imparare qualsiasi lingua perché mi piacerebbe imparare diverse culture, la loro storia, le persone e i posti. Oggi, i miei obiettivi sono di approfondire la mia seconda lingua, fare nuove amicizie, fare un meraviglioso viaggio con mio marito ed essere un buon insegnante. Se dovessi descrivere me stesso, mi considero una persona entusiasta, laboriosa, appassionata e allegra.