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Māca: Krievu

Runā: Krievu , Ukraiņu

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Dalībnieks no: January 28, 2020

Minsk state University, Republic institute of the higher school

Russian as a foreign language

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I have a great experience of teaching Russian language and rhetoric. I have been working with Russian-speaking children and adults as well as with students (teenage and adult), who are not native-speakers. Also with students who have a Russian-speaking life-partner. I have been intensively teaching via Skype for the last 5 years. I constantly refresh my own knowledge, study the experience of other teachers, which allows me to organize my classes in the most effective way.

The advantages of teaching Russian as the second language online are:

+Do you like the Russian culture and dream of studying Russian language?

+Are you studying Russian language and want to improve the level?

 +Are you planning a trip or relocation to Russia?

 +Do you want your child to speak Russian?

 +Do you want to educate your child in Russia and need a profound preparation for studies according to the Russian program?

+Do you want to find a Russian soulmate and start a family? 

If even one of these questions has a positive answer, I can help you. And you won’t even need to leave your room!

The contemporary level of development of internet-technologies wipes the borders between countries and offers a wide range of opportunities for education. The most obvious advantages of learning Russian as a second language online are:

*The freedom in choosing the teacher and the course. With the standard individual teaching the choice of teachers is limited with those who live in your city. For distant learning you need only Skype and a good connection.

*I use the method of complete immersion into Russian – modern student books fully adjusted for English-speaking students are dubbed into English.

*Time and money saving!

Having distant classes, you don’t need to waste your time and money on commuting, copies and purchase of materials. I will send you all the necessary tasks and materials on your mail.

Ja tu patiesi vēlies apgūt kādu svešvalodu un pavērt jaunus horizontus savā pašizaugsmē, kā arī paplašināt iespējas dzīvē, tu vari to paveikt!
Viktorija Magdalyuk būs tavs uzticamais kompanjons šajā izaicinājumā, kas patiesi atmaksāsies.
Iemīlēt valodas apmācību. Atklāt jaunu valodu. Sadzirdēt to, izlasīt, izdziedāt un izdejot. Sajust un brīvi runāt tajā.
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