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Mācās: Ebreju, Spāņu

Runā: Angļu , Krievu

Native language:

Dalībnieks no: October 22, 2018

International Journalism, master

Project Manager (blog, ice cream production), freelancer

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I am Russian who lives in Israel. I had students of different ages and nationalities. I also learn languages, so I know which difficulties you might have in your studies. I do classes as per needs of each student, I give different sources of self-help between classes to keep studying whenever you have time, besides the homework. 

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Kamēr citi tikai domā un sapņo, Tu jau dari! Iemīlejies valodu apguves procesā un padari to par tavu ikdienas rutīnu.

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I love the idea to go anywhere in the world and to be able to express myself and understand what people around me say. I enjoy getting new friends from different countries as well.

Studing languages helps me to get aquaintant with others, become more flexible and knowledgable in my opinions.