Kai Xiang Khor attēls

Kai Xiang


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Mācās: Angļu

Runā: Ķīniešu , Ķīniešu (vienkāršotā) , Angļu

Native language:

Dalībnieks no: July 26, 2018

Engineering with minor in Communication Studies and Entrepreneurship

Chinese Language Tutor

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Firstly, I would introduce them to simple words and provide them with stories to put meaning in the words. Depending on the knowledge the student has towards the language, I will propose different strategies to tackle different students. In general, I would use visual aid such as music videos, story videos to put meaning in what they learn and therefore enable them to converse the language fluently. On top of that, basic oral communication will be conducted whereby a short Show and Tell will be given as assignment to expose and enhance their learning. 

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Language is what we use to communicate with one another. Without it, how are we going to express ourselves? How are we going to ensure others comprehend what we say or write? As such, I see language as an essential part of life and therefore I hope to help others improve their language ability.