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Milica Malinovic

19:24 UTC+01:00

Bosnija un Hercegovina

Māca: Itāļu , Serbian (Latin)

Runā: Bosniešu , Croatian , Angļu , Angļu (US) , Franču , Itāļu , Macedonian , Serbian (Cyrillic) , Serbian (Latin) , Spāņu

Dalībnieks no: October 8, 2018

Faculty of Philology (University of Banja Luka)

Italian and Serbian Languages Teacher

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First of all, I like teaching foreign languages because it is the best way to get closer any foreign culture. When it comes to about my methods and tools which I use during teaching, I prefer using contemporary teaching methods, such as teaching through the games (work in pairs or groups), various web sites (i.e., workshops, aspects of culture (i.e. cinematography, literature, history, geography, music etc.) – because in this way teaching becomes more creative and innovative and student can benefit from this type of methodology. Accordingly, I try to avoid traditional structure of classes – nowadays flexibility and creativity are becoming more and more present because of the advancement of technology. Therefore, I use various sources of bibliography and thus I combine them for making my own scripts and plans for lessons. Regarding my personal characteristics and features (which could describe me as a good language Teacher), I claim to be very patient, responsible, flexible and devoted during teaching. Moreover, I am always ready for cooperation, compromises and any suggestions.

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