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Mācās: Arābu, Franču

Runā: Holandiešu , Angļu , Vācu , Grieķu

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Dalībnieks no: August 28, 2019

Electrotechnical Engineer

Online Language Teacher

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Teaching Approach

My teaching approach depends on the students' level and their goals. I can prepare you for a specific exam like the Dutch Integration Exam (A1 or A2) or NT2 (B1 or B2) or for a CNaVT certificate (A1 - C1) or just teach you Dutch or Greek in a way that suits your way of learning. I usually work with books, but I add a lot of my own material and audio and video material or articles, based on the interests of the student. I regularly measure progress, evaluate the lessons and make sure that my students are satisfied. But most of all learning a language must be a pleasure. This is what I work on most, excellent relationships with my students and making every lesson a lovely journey through the language.

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Stéphane Arquembourg

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I was born in Amsterdam, where I have lived almost all my life. In 2006 I moved to Greece. I have a technical background and worked 16 years in IT.

In 2010 I made a drastic career change from IT to language teaching. Since then I have been teaching Dutch, Greek, English and German as private lessons and at schools and finally mainly through Skype.