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I’m an undergraduate form Alexandria University Egypt 1997

I’m an Arabic language educator of Egyptian Nationality

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I'm a senior lecturer (Arabic Language) Alif Arab Academy I have many years experience as an educator.I'm an author of some dictionaries..and helped in writing several books.  

- Teaching Arabic
- Making test for students
- Deciding the level of the students in Arabic
- Making syllabus
- Preparing daily, weekly, and monthly materials for teaching
- Making bank questions for preparation of students' test.
- Creating an Arabic record for listening test
- Looking for an appropriate movie and video for the students  

Apsveicam Alaa!

Kamēr citi tikai domā un sapņo, Tu jau dari! Iemīlejies valodu apguves procesā un padari to par tavu ikdienas rutīnu.

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I’m Alaa, I was born in Egypt on September 9th 1974. I’m currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I have been teaching Arabic Language in Alif Arab Academy language institution since June of 2011. 

I’m an Arabic language educator of Egyptian Nationality and I have experience in teaching  Arabic for 19 years.

I enjoy teaching and treasures the experience in dealing and working with different types of students and different levels.

I have taught students as young as 3 years old and up to the age of 65 years old. 

I like teaching fun classses where students feel comfortable and enjoy the lessons.

I’m an undergraduate from Alexandria University, Egypt, my specialist subject is Geography but I have taught English, Arabic and Religious .I have been a teacher for 20 years. I had also assisted in compiling and creating books in Jakarta, and had recently attended Teaching for Teachers training in Arab Academy, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt