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Katrin Haderer

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Teaches: German

Speaks: English , German , Spanish

Member Since: August 21, 2019

Master in Tourism, Austria

German Teacher, Native Account Manager for German on an online travel platform

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I develop the program according to the goals and needs of the students. From the beginning on I only speak German during the class, if you are a beginner during the first classes I explain to you in German and then repeat the same sentence in English and then in German again. I think the best way to learn a language is getting used to listen to it and speak a lot.

I developed a special program for beginners which leads you through different important topics and with each topic, there are new phrases and vocabulary which you should dominate until the next class in order to have a conversation with those phrases. I also include the Grammar which comes along with the topic and I use different tools like videos, presentations for each class.

If you are already advanced in German, then we will analyze in the first lesson your needs and goals and I adapt my materials accordingly to make the classes as fun and efficient as possible.

I enjoy teaching my native language and rather than just a job I see it as an opportunity to connect with another person who is willing to learn something new and help him/her with his/her goals and see him/her improve. That is very satisfying.

Languages are my passion and I love learning new languages myself so I can perfectly understand you and I am looking forward to meeting you in one of my classes.

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