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Bachelor’s degree in French Literature (University of Côte d'Opale), French foreign language teacher certification (Alliance Française of Paris & CNED)

French foreign language teacher, Online French tutor, Translator

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Bonjour ! My name is Stéphane, and before I begin any lesson, I am always interested in knowing about my students, and their reasons for wanting to learn French.

For example, if it is for a professional reason, I can adapt the lessons and the vocabulary for immediate use in your job (ie: restaurant vocabulary for a chef, technical terms for an engineer, etc.)

There are many other reasons why people want to learn French :

  • to prepare for an exam

  • to tour a country

  • to enrich their culture

  • for the pleasure of learning a new language

For all these points, you can count on me to guide you in the best conditions.

Second, I will quickly evaluate your language level to help you define your starting point in our lessons and identify the next steps to reach your goal.

I wish to bring you the complete experience of practicing the French language. In the specific method I use, vocabulary is acquired during practice, not before. You won't have to memorize long lists of words before each lesson.

On the contrary, you will notice how much easier it is to remember new words when you discover them and practice them during each lesson.

I will tell you each time which ones are the useful and very common vocabulary words here in France so that you can write them down in a little notebook. Eventually, I will give you short, fun exercises to help you remember these precious words (for example, writing a paragraph with 5 new words you will have learned, solving a crossword puzzle that I customized for you, etc.)

The complete experience of French is not just about mastering vocabulary. While great applications for learning exists, such as flashcards, none of them allow you to prepare yourself to practice French in a real environment and to fully interact with other people.

As with the Latvian language, the practice of French requires an intelligent and effective understanding of different contexts of conversations.

I will teach you everything you need to know to express yourself serenely in any situation and adapt to different contexts. (For example, how to book a hotel room, order from menu in a restaurant, how to buy a train ticket, etc.)

How to do, how to be, how to know,... I will tell you everything and your mastery of the French language will improve greatly !

Each lesson will allow you to discover not only new grammar and vocabulary, but also essential and exciting elements of French culture and tips for interacting in complete serenity when you need to express yourself in French or listen to someone speaking to you in French.

My priority is to make sure you are having a good time while learning.

Two words that characterize my style are “Fun and Refreshing”

I enjoy interacting with people and many students have become friends afterwards.

I love to listen to what you have to say, and with me, you will have many, many opportunities to do so (in French, as often as possible).

The more you speak French during the session, the more you will retain the words and structures, and the more comfortable you will be speaking.

I also have proven methods for correcting or adjusting French pronunciation errors.

It's not very hard. In addition, you will discover that you are actually familiar with many French sounds since they already exist in your language. We will see together which ones.

You can count on my helpful attitude, my kindness and my cheerfulness to come to your rescue whenever you are in difficulty. I love teaching French and I will do my best to constantly motivate you.

I am a warm person, full of energy, and passionate about sharing my knowledge.

I love life, music (there will be lots of songs and video clips in the lessons of course), arts, sports and anything that brings color to our lives.

I see in our future interactions a chance to take you on a journey of discovery of French.

A journey that will enrich you both in the handling of the French language and in the happiness of understanding this language through its civilization and culture.


Picture of eric zhao eric z. Sun, Feb 13, 2022

The teacher is very good. This is the first time I don't know how to use the program. I was late for an hour before class. The teacher is not unhappy.

Picture of eline balina eline b. Tue, Dec 14, 2021

Picture of Konstantin Mikhaylov Konstantin M. Mon, Apr 5, 2021

If you really want to learn a foreign language, open new horizons for your personal growth and increase your life opportunities, you can do it!
Stéphane Arquembourg is intended to be your faithful companion on this challenging, but truly rewarding journey.
Fall in love with language learning.
Discover a new language. Hear it, read it, sing it, dance it, feel it, speak it…. just live it!

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  • Conversational for traveling
  • Specific vocabulary
  • Business / Professional
  • Exam preparation
  • Preparation for job interview
  • Grammar focus
  • Vocabulary focus
  • Pronunciation focus
  • Academic writing
  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening skills

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