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Richard Gaurie

15:25 UTC-03:00


Māca: Angļu (US) , Spāņu

Runā: Angļu (US) , Spāņu

Dalībnieks no: June 12, 2018

University of BYU, Provo Utah

Forex Day Trader

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If I'm helping grade schoolers, I will stick to their homework and simply tutor them in any weak areas I find; yes I will expand their horizons a bit to pull them out of the rigidity of the textbook when necessary. On the other hand, If I'm with an experienced adult,  I like to teach "casual conversation", because it invokes many aspects of real life scenarios and situations and slang, thus taking the initial culture shock away when arriving . I keep it simple & try to make it fun ! I also put a heavy emphasis on pronunciation from the get-go.  In both cases, I consider that speaking and applying new learnings and words as a student base widens is crucial, paralleling it at all times with its correct grammar. I don't use a written plan. Just a fluid conversation, unless there is a request or a specific topic.