I have taught at a language learning center (English + Arabic) Where I taught all levels

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    Arabic Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Jordan) Arabic (Lebanon) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) English
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    I completed my undergraduate studies at Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, specializing in business administration
  • Please introduce yourself by sharing the information: why are you interested in learning languages and what is your major motivation; you may write about you as a personality, mentioning your main life achievements and goals; any other interesting information about you, which you would like to share will be appreciated. NOTE: You may write in different languages, so that different language speakers can read and understand the text.

    My name is Faten Adel
    I completed my studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, specializing in business administration
    After graduating I developed myself as I received many courses
    I also worked in an educational center (Andalus)
    I also practiced teaching as a free work for all levels
    Since I was young I was featured in Arabic and I received many awards.
    I previously worked as a treasurer of the Energy and Natural Resources Authority
    I also worked as a procurement and contract manager.
    I have experience in many areas such as Microsoft Office, Brezi, testing, quezes, marketing, data entry, writing>>>>
    The world has now become one village as a result of technological and technological development, so it is necessary to open up to other cultures and civilizations. It is reasonable that globalization leads to a permanent desire to learn new languages

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    Arabic Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Jordan) Arabic (Lebanon) Arabic (Qatar) Arabic (United Arab Emirates)
  • Please write about your methods and tools, which you use during teaching practice. You may explain why do you like teaching and mention why learners should chose you as their Teacher. Please describe structure of your lessons and explain to your potential learners what are the benefits of your methodology. You may add other details concerning your teaching practice and experience, which you consider essential and interesting. You may upload a plan of your lesson, as an example, or mention the major topics/context/material your lessons are based on. You are welcome to share any other information about you as a personality and character features, which describe you as a good language Teacher.

    If I begin teaching as a teacher I will follow several methods of instruction:

    • The analytical method: The structure of the sentences The student learns through the sentences composition, vocabulary and letters,
    • Syntactic Method: The student starts learning sounds, letters, words, and sentences
    • Sounds: They try to pronounce sounds to get to the best way to pronounce the character properly. 
    • Letters: Learn the letters and all the related shapes, shapes, settings, how letters are connected to the word, and what are the incorrect forms of communication.
    •  Words: Learn all that is related to the words of the formulation and pronunciation, in addition to things related to common words and words.
    •  Sentences: Learn grammatical rules and semantics that link words to be a useful sentence, linking sentences to be text or subject

    I like education and especially my language (Arabic) because it is flexible and beautiful language and there are many countries that deal with it, and many would like to learn, and I am proud of it
      Arabic has a number of features that made it one of the most unique languages in the world and ensured its continuity over the centuries.

    Why learners should have chosen me as their teacher:

    • I have clear goals and a clear plan of teaching and a touch of creativity.
    • I fully understand how influential my learners are so I am always keen to have a positive impact.
    • I have a positive spirit with a dose of vitality and creativity that leads to the desired goal
    • I always try to renew and use all available means to remove the boredom that may prevail at times
    • I also do not stop learning and developing for myself

    The structure of my lessons

    * Lesson preparation steps:

    The logical arrangement is the most important step in preparing any lesson. It helps the teacher to make the stages of the lesson continuous and connected with each other without any gaps affecting the students' understanding.

    These steps are as follows:

    -Lesson Topic

    - Behavioral objectives

    - Preparation of educational aids

    - Boot



    Benefits of this methodology:

    Helps to organize and arrange ideas

    Know the educational goals that guide the educational path away from randomness

    Know the needs of students

    Provide appropriate educational means

    The teacher earns respect for learners

    Take advantage of the time well

  • Please shortly write about your professional background, certification and teaching experience. Indicate the age groups and levels you teach. What is your specialization, the strongest professional points and major professional achievements.
    I worked in an educational center for teaching Arabic and English for young people after graduation.
    I also worked as a treasurer of the Energy and Natural Resources Authority (Penra) for a one-year .
    (This job is related to my university degree, I have completed my studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences specializing in Business )
    I also worked as a procurement and contracting operations officer .
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