I like learning languages and traveling. I take every opportunity to speak with local people, learn about their traditions and culture. Generally I love people, and animals too. I am also keen on photography and art. 

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    English Portuguese Russian
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    Polish Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan Spanish
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    Online Language Tutor
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    Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching in St. Mary's University in London
  • Please introduce yourself by sharing the information: why are you interested in learning languages and what is your major motivation; you may write about you as a personality, mentioning your main life achievements and goals; any other interesting information about you, which you would like to share will be appreciated. NOTE: You may write in different languages, so that different language speakers can read and understand the text.

    Hi, I am Alexandra.  I am passionate about languages, new cultures and art in all its variety. I love traveling and speaking about countries and traditions. Meeting new people is part of journeys so I take every opportunity to chat with local people, share my experience and learn from them. I am a real language enthusiast, I think that every language spoken in the world is precious. I am a speaker of 5 languages, and at the moment I am learning Spanish and Romanian, and improving Polish,   And I won't definitely stop learning new languages. 

    Aprende as línguas comigo! Eu adoro de aprender novos idiomas, e sou falante de 5 línguas. Acho que falar uma nova lingua é descobrir mais sobre o nosso mundo. 

    Буду рада видеть Вас на своих уроках, и надеюсь вдохновить Вас на изучение языка, который Вы выбрали, и, возможно, на изучение нового. Знание языка, уверена, это своеобразный код для того, чтобы еще лучше понять мир, в которoм мы живем.

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    другой источник
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    English Portuguese Russian
  • Please write about your methods and tools, which you use during teaching practice. You may explain why do you like teaching and mention why learners should chose you as their Teacher. Please describe structure of your lessons and explain to your potential learners what are the benefits of your methodology. You may add other details concerning your teaching practice and experience, which you consider essential and interesting. You may upload a plan of your lesson, as an example, or mention the major topics/context/material your lessons are based on. You are welcome to share any other information about you as a personality and character features, which describe you as a good language Teacher.

    I am keen on giving homework as I am sure that the good results in learning a new language come from a regular usage of this language. However, I try to make this process easier, so I avoid long boring exercises on grammar. Instead I propose students to make connections with their mother tongue, taking examples from every day life. My method is based on active communication, as I believe that knowing a language is knowing speaking in it. So I try to explain grammar, correct mistakes, and introduce new vocabulary in a communicative and fan way, and encourage students to speak. I use a wide range of materials in my lessons, from reading of different kind of articles to audio/video examples.

  • Please shortly write about your professional background, certification and teaching experience. Indicate the age groups and levels you teach. What is your specialization, the strongest professional points and major professional achievements.
    I've been teaching languages for more than 10 years, starting as an English teacher in a primary school in Portugal. In the final year of my degree (I hold a BA in English language) I started working in CitySchool as a foreign languages teacher. I was working with children, teenagers and people after 50s; they were Portuguese, Brazilians, Russians, Indians and other nationalities. In 2018 I was honoured a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching from London's university and this has enhanced my knowledge, my understanding about how the process of language acquisition happens. I believe that I can help everyone to learn a new language.
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