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Anis (أنيس) Ben

02:27 UTC+01:00


Преподает: Арабский, Арабский (Тунис) , Французский

Говорит: Арабский, Арабский (Тунис) , Английский , Французский

Member Since: January 5, 2019

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Language Tutor / Student (Aerospace Eng.)

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Tutoring Approach: Some of my students have become very good friends of mine, others not. When I teach, I first try to understand the student's needs (daily conversation, exam preparation, business, etc.), prepare my teaching materials accordingly and respond to those needs. Different students face different challenges while learning something new. Precisely defining those challenges and personalizing the course materials is key for an effective learning experience. We will plan our class together according to what you need in order to meet your goals !

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