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Erika Berga

17:51 UTC+03:00

Преподает: Английский

Говорит: Английский , Американскиий Английский , Латышский , Русский

Member Since: November 6, 2018

Latvian University, BA in Pedagogy

Language Tutor, Riga City Guide, Guide in The Museum of Art Nuvo

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Vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading, listening - all parts are important in the process of studying the language.

However, the structure of sentences is essential in making our thoughts clear to listeners. I draw a special attention to grammar but all other parts of the language are included in the process of studying as well. 

I try to make the lesson natural and the learner feel comfortable.

Usually we start the lesson with new words and phrases, then do grammar exercises and talk about a topic or the news.

Listening, reading and translating tasks are included in the lesson, too.

I prefer taking studying books (like Total English, Market Leader etc.) as a basement but  there are a lot of additional materials from other sources (internet, videos, magazines, newspapers etc.) as well.

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