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  • Please introduce yourself by sharing the information: why are you interested in learning languages and what is your major motivation; you may write about you as a personality, mentioning your main life achievements and goals; any other interesting information about you, which you would like to share will be appreciated. NOTE: You may write in different languages, so that different language speakers can read and understand the text.

    Hi everybody! My name is Dario, I'm 35 and I come from Italy. After completing my university studies, I started traveling around the world. Ireland, USA, China, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Turkey are just some of the countries I've lived in. Living abroad I had the chance to cultivate my passion for languages and to learn a few myself on the way. I have been a language teacher for over a decade, working in schools, universities and offering private tuition to individuals and groups. 
    I really enjoy teaching because it allows me to help people improve themselves. It feels great to see my students making progress! I view teaching as an exchange of ideas between teacher and learner and an opportunity for personal growth. I'll be glad to be your teacher!

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    English Italian
  • Please write about your methods and tools, which you use during teaching practice. You may explain why do you like teaching and mention why learners should chose you as their Teacher. Please describe structure of your lessons and explain to your potential learners what are the benefits of your methodology. You may add other details concerning your teaching practice and experience, which you consider essential and interesting. You may upload a plan of your lesson, as an example, or mention the major topics/context/material your lessons are based on. You are welcome to share any other information about you as a personality and character features, which describe you as a good language Teacher.

    Languages are my passion! Besides Italian, which is my mother tongue, I speak English and Greek fluently. In my opinion learning and teaching foreign languages is one of the most compelling and rewarding activities one can do. On the other hand, I am fully aware that learning a new language can be challenging and requires time and dedication. That's why motivation, positive reinforcement and engagement play a key role in my approach. I resort to a variety of techniques to make my lessons always fun and engaging. The learning material includes the latest coursebooks as well as authentic material such as newspapers, songs, blogs etc. Of course all the lessons are tailor-made to fit the learner's interests, needs and goals. As languages can be viewed as a verbal expression of culture, I consider it of paramount importance to deal with the main elements of the culture in which the language is spoken. I take it as a personal challenge to make you love the language you are learning!

  • Please shortly write about your professional background, certification and teaching experience. Indicate the age groups and levels you teach. What is your specialization, the strongest professional points and major professional achievements.
    I have been teaching Italian and English for many years both online and in universities, schools and organizations in several countries. My students range from any level and age group, however I am specialized in tutoring college students and adults, particularly professionals. With regard to my teaching qualifications, I hold a CELTA certificate for teaching English and a CEDILS certificate (University of Venice) for teaching Italian to foreigners.
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