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Скайп репетиторы по serbian (latiому языку

Изображение пользователя Milica Malinovic

price from €8 to €23
€8 for trial lesson

Milica Malinovic

Преподает: Итальянский , Serbian (Latin)

Говорит: Боснийский , Croatian , Английский , Американскиий Английский , Французский , Итальянский , Macedonian , Serbian (Cyrillic) , Serbian (Latin) , Испанский

Graduated at the Faculty of Philology (Department: Italian Studies). In possession of international and local certificates of foreign languages. Experiences in teaching by giving private lessons, organizing workshops, conversational and instructive classes, as well as by working temporary at a local Grammar School and, especially, by working as an Au Pair. Good communication skills gained through studying (i.e. ERASMUS) and working abroad. Able to teach all ages and levels.

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