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Picture of Filipa Guimarães

price from €10 to €25
€10 for trial lesson

Filipa Guimarães

Teaches: Portuguese

Speaks: English , Portuguese , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

I hold two Masters Degrees. The first is in Contemporary Art and the other in the Visual Language of Performance from the University of the Arts London. I have given lectures and talks, at many different venues, including the Chelsea College of Art, in London. I have been working as a professional translator to several London based companies, for example: Creative Virtual Ltd., Teespring Europe, Thinking Gifts and others. At the moment I'm teaching at ELT (Executive Language Training) school.

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Picture of Ana Bacci

price from €8 to €26
€8 for trial lesson

Ana Bacci

Teaches: Portuguese (Brazil)

Speaks: Portuguese (Brazil) , English , Spanish

Professor and adviser of Portuguese at Higher Technical Career in Marketing: Mercosur Orientation.With a study Portuguese as a compulsory subject to obtain their degree. With more than 15 years of experience, I teach Portuguese to people from Argentina, Latin America and around the world. We will make a fun and productive lesson so you can learn to speak and write our language.

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Picture of Fabiane Michelon

price from €3 to €19
€3 for trial lesson

Fabiane Michelon

Teaches: Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Speaks: English , Portuguese (Brazil) , Spanish

Teaching since 1994, I have experience with all ages, from 3 to 70 years old (it’s true!). Worked with individual or group classes. I completed my English Studies at the Institute I worked for, I really have to apply for a certification, I haven’t done it yet. For Spanish I applied for DELE (a certification from Cervantes Institute in the name of Education, Culture and Sports Ministry from Spain). We can work on general info or specific points you may need: like business, sports, tourism, trip

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