As a polyglot, I am extremely passionate about language learning, one of my favourite hobbies. My considerable experience as a learner means I know common pitfalls and difficulties for students, as well as how to explain these and break them down in simple terms.

My teaching style therefore revolves around enthusing my student by transmitting my passion for languages to them. I believe that, if a student sees the advantages of learning languages, whether this is communicating with foreign people or getting to know literature in a different language, they will start to learn proactively and so improve faster. 

However, I do also have high standards. There are some language learning techniques that are more efficient than others and, given my experience, I’d like to think I’m well placed to know them!

Congratulations Dhananjay!

While others are only dreaming, You are already doing! Fall in love with language learning and make learning a part of your daily routine.

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Ingura Lipšāne

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About Me

I am a polyglot and interested in learning any language! Language learning is a hobby of mine and is a very powerful tool for connecting people and cultures as well as broadening one’s horizons.