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Linda Ritmane

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Teaches: Latvian , Spanish

Speaks: English , Latvian , Russian , Spanish

Member Since: June 10, 2020

RIGA TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT ACADEMY and UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA (Master's degree in Spanish philology), as well as different international courses and teachers' seminars all over Europe

Spanish and Latvian language teacher, translator, project manager

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The methods I use depend on the student, I adapt the materials and contents to the person's needs. Normally, as a basis, I use a book (together with the student, we decide which book to use), and then add other complementary material, tasks with videos, songs, etc. During the classes, both communicative approach and grammar training is used, because I consider that if you decide to learn the language, your aim is to speak correctly. Homeworks as well are essential part of your study process, because as more you actualize and touch the language in your everyday life, more effective will be your growth in it. My students use to say that I'm very dedicated teacher who knows how to explain well.

I'm Latvian and have a lot of experience of teaching my mother's language to people from different countries, as well as in summer camps in Garezers, in United States, to the Latvian diaspora youngsters. 

As a Spanish teacher, I have always considered that I have to constantly develop and actualize my language skills, therefore I am in a continuous contact with Spanish people, read books and watch movies in Spanish, and travel to Spain frequently (I used to live in many regions of Spain in the past), as well as collaborate with Spanish high school in Erasmus+ projects.

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