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UGR (Universidad de Granada)


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Since a long time that I am studying different languages and that I am trying to improve even more. What I am trying to teach thanks to the courses I offer you, it is not only the importance of the language itself, but also the importance that the literature, the cultural differences and the thought have in the knowledge of the language you are studying. Everything you need for the classes will be provided by me before the class.

I am ready to help you improving all the different skills (Speaking, Grammar, Listening, Reading and Writing).

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Picture of Giulia Conci
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Ciao a tutti! Sono Giulia e vengo da Trento, una bellissima città del nord Italia. Al momento sto vivendo in Spagna da cinque anni, dove ho terminato da poco i miei studi universitari in filologia semitica.

Lavoro online e questo mi permette di viaggiare spesso e dedicarmi a quello che amo: studiare lingue, scoprire diverse culture ed insegnare la lingua del mio Paese. Le lingue ed i viaggi per me sono sempre stati una passione che mi hanno portata a vivere esperienze meravigliose e a conoscere persone di diversi Paesi. 

Non vedo l'ora di poterti aiutare a migliorare o imparare l'italiano. Ti aspetto per iniziare questa avventura!


Hi everybody! I am Giulia and I come from the beautiful city of Trento (Italy). At the moment I am living in Spain, where I studied semitic languages for 5 years. 

I love my work: since many years I teach Italian, Spanish and Portuguese online and thanks to my work I am able to travel often, learn new languages and get to know different cultures and people. 

I can't wait to meet you and help you to learn and improve Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. :)