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I like to communicate a lot with my students using different exercises from books and online exercises/audios to understand grammar, vocabulary and phrase construction. I think it is also very important to create a pleasant atmosphere, where the students are feeling comfortable and because of that I think they will have more fun in studying a new language and enjoy it more. 

I have studied translation in Germany (German/English/Spanish). I speak five languages (English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, German) and have a humorous, friendly, open-minded character. My aim is to make the student feel comfortable during my class, to be more communicative and not too shy to speak a new language and to gain more self-confidence in speaking and pronunciation during the class. I will also give some homework to check if the student is also capable to do exercises independently and this way I can see if he or she understood my last lesson too. I have 5 years experiences in teaching online as well as at schools and academies in Spain. I love to teach a lot, I am also a vocal coach and teaching how to sing as well. 

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I grew up in Germany and studied English and German at "FIM" institute for translation in Munich for 3 years. I am bilingual in Ukrainian and German. I think it is important to speak at least 2 languages, especially English which is understood worldwide. I like to give my knowledge to the students and see them making progress and having fun in learning a new language. I lived in Ukraine, Germany, Portugal and Spain and I think it is very important to learn and speak a new language, as it will open your horizon and you will have the possibility to get to know the different cultures as well. 


Ich bin in Deutschland aufgewachsen und habe Englisch und Deutsch an der "FIM" Universität in München 3 Jahre lang studiert.  Meine Muttersprache ist Deutsch und Ukrainisch. Ich denke, es ist wichtig, mindestens zwei Sprachen zu sprechen, insbesondere Englisch, das weltweit verstanden wird. Ich mag es, den Schülern mein Wissen zu vermitteln und zu sehen, wie sie Fortschritte machen und Spaß daran haben, eine neue Sprache zu erlernen. Ich habe in der Ukraine, in Deutschland, Portugal und Spanien gelebt und denke, es ist sehr wichtig, neue Sprachen zu erwerben, da dies den Horizont erweitert und Sie somit die Möglichkeit haben einen Einblick in die verschiedenen Kulturen zu bekommen.