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I like to communicate a lot with my students using different exercises from books and online exercises/audios to understand grammar, vocabulary and phrase construction. I think it is also very important to create a pleasant atmosphere, where the students are feeling comfortable and because of that I think they will have more fun in studying a new language and enjoy it more. 

I have studied translation in Germany (German/English/Spanish). I speak five languages (English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, German) and have a humorous, friendly, open-minded character. My aim is to make the student feel comfortable during my class, to be more communicative and not too shy to speak a new language and to gain more self-confidence in speaking and pronunciation during the class. I will also give some homework to check if the student is also capable to do exercises independently and this way I can see if he or she understood my last lesson too. I have 5 years experiences in teaching online as well as at schools and academies in Spain. I love to teach a lot, I am also a vocal coach and teaching how to sing as well. 

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