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Learns: Japanese

Speaks: Chinese (Simplified) , English , Indonesian

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Member Since: October 21, 2020

Business of Administration In Southern Cross Univerity ( Australia)

Languange tutor online & It operator

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My Lesson & Teaching Styles: 

All Lessons will be conducted in English with Indonesian & Chinese translation. You will learn and grow through:

- Conversation based on travel, Formal or informal, daily and business.

- Question and Answer Speaking Activities.

- Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Pronunciations and Vocabulary.

You will also learn lesson by using different methods such as Games, PowerPoint Presentations, Audio Recordings, Teaching Material, Text Documents, Quizzes, Homework assignments and others which will help you to improve the language more efficient.

Congratulations Henry!

While others are only dreaming, You are already doing! Fall in love with language learning and make learning a part of your daily routine.

About Me

Hi, my name is Henry and I'm from Indonesia. I had been graduated from Southern Cross University.  I can teach Chinese & Indonesian languages. I teach for Beginners and Intermediates. I can speak Indonesia, English, and Chinese. As a tutor, I will do my best to help students in improving their subjects to achieve their goals and do not hesitate to ask me anything. I love to teach students who are willing to learn and needed help on their languages for their daily basis and others for their futures. Thank you for viewing my profiles and have a nice day :)

Hai, nama saya Henry dan saya berasal dari Indonesia. Saya telah lulus dari Universitas Southern Cross. Saya telah mengajar Bahasa Inggris, Matematika dan Indonesia sekitar 1 tahun sebagai pekerja paruh waktu. Saya juga bisa mengajar bahasa Mandarin karena saya punya pengalaman bekerja di China. Saya mengajar Pemula dan Menengah. Saya bisa berbahasa Indonesia, Inggris dan Cina. Sebagai guru les, saya akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk membantu siswa meningkatkan mata pelajaran mereka untuk mencapai tujuan mereka dan jangan ragu untuk bertanya apa pun kepada saya. Saya senang mengajar siswa yang bersedia untuk belajar dan membutuhkan bantuan dalam bahasa mereka sehari-hari dan orang lain untuk masa depan mereka. Terima kasih telah melihat profil saya dan semoga harimu menyenangkan :)

你好,我叫Henry,我来自印度尼西亚。我毕业Southern Cross University。我从事兼职工作大约一年,一直教英语,数学和印尼语。我也可以教中文,因为我有在中国工作的经验。我教初学者和中级。我会说印尼语,英语和中文。作为一名导师,我会尽全力帮助学生改善他们的学科,以实现他们的目标,不要犹豫,问我任何事情。我喜欢教那些愿意学习并在日常语言和其他方面需要帮助的学生。感谢您查看我的个人资料,并祝您愉快:)