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English studies / Baccalaureat in literature

Experienced Arabic teacher for non-natives, MSA / GCC / Moroccan Dialect

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Hello! Marhaban! مرحبا!
My name is Saida, I'm a native Arabic speaker, trilingual, and it's been over three years that I've been teaching Arabic for foreigners from different backgrounds, I'm very patient with my students and I try teaching them the basics in the simplest way with the right pronunciation. I also focus on conversational Arabic in order to help students practice, build self-confidence and be able to speak Arabic fluently with fewer mistakes.
I speak different dialects, and I understand most of the Arabic dialects all over the Arabic countries. So I can help you with dialects.

I currently teach:
- Moroccan dialect ( Darija )
- GCC (GULF) dialect for beginners (UAE and Qatari)
- Egyptian (for beginners)
- Tamazight (Tachelhit), Berber

Some materials used for the lessons: 

al-Kitab al-asasi, Al Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk, Gateway to Arabic 1,2,3 and other different books.    
Songs, poetry, dialogs, situations and movies.

Let's ace it ;)

Congratulations Saida!

While others are only dreaming, You are already doing! Fall in love with language learning and make learning a part of your daily routine.

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About Me

I have a bachelor's degree in Economy and Management as well as English studies, and I have a TEFL,  I always have this passion for teaching and spreading knowledge.
I've always been interested in languages, and I've been learning different languages every time, I love discovering new cultures.
The Arabic language is my mother tongue and despite the fact that it's a difficult language to learn it's also so beautiful and interesting, therefore I try to make it very simple while teaching my students and give them the right methods and push to learn it quickly and efficiently.

J'ai un baccalauréat en économie et gestion ainsi que des études en anglais, et malgré le travail dans mon domaine de l'éducation, j'ai toujours cette passion pour l'enseignement et la diffusion des connaissances.
J'ai toujours été intéressé par les langues, et j'ai appris à chaque fois différentes langues, j'adore découvrir de nouvelles cultures.
La langue arabe est ma langue maternelle et malgré le fait que c'est une langue difficile à apprendre, c'est aussi si beau et intéressant, donc j'essaie de le rendre très simple tout en enseignant à mes élèves et en leur donnant les bonnes méthodes et en poussant pour l'apprendre rapidement et de façon efficace.