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Teaches: Arabic, Arabic (Morocco) , Arabic (Qatar) , Arabic (United Arab Emirates)

Speaks: Arabic, Arabic (Algeria) , Arabic (Bahrain) , Arabic (Egypt) , Arabic (Jordan) , Arabic (Kuwait) , Arabic (Morocco) , Arabic (Qatar) , Arabic (United Arab Emirates) , English , English (US) , French

Member Since: February 9, 2020

English studies / Baccalaureat in literature

Experienced Arabic teacher for non-natives, MSA / GCC / Moroccan Dialect

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Hello! Marhaban! مرحبا!
My name is Saida, I'm a native Arabic speaker, trilingual, and it's been over three years that I've been teaching Arabic for foreigners from different backgrounds, I'm very patient with my students and I try teaching them the basics in the simplest way with the right pronunciation. I also focus on conversational Arabic in order to help students practice, build self-confidence and be able to speak Arabic fluently with fewer mistakes.
I speak different dialects, and I understand most of the Arabic dialects all over the Arabic countries. So I can help you with dialects.

I currently teach:
- Moroccan dialect ( Darija )
- GCC (GULF) dialect for beginners (UAE and Qatari)
- Egyptian (for beginners)
- Tamazight (Tachelhit), Berber

Some materials used for the lessons: 

al-Kitab al-asasi, Al Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk, Gateway to Arabic 1,2,3 and other different books.    
Songs, poetry, dialogs, situations and movies.

Let's ace it ;)

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