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First of all I always have random conversations with my students and by talking without planning or preparation is a great way of learning the language.

Also I use singing the favorite  songs and acting the famous scenes of the favorite movies and novels and of course engaging with their dreams and personalities to make a friendly atmosphere for them.

-I teach English language with different styles and methods.
-I use songs and movies and voice records.

-I always end my classes with singing a nice song with my students .
-I always give them homework and it could be any kind of activity that absolutely help them improve their pronunciation and conversational skills.

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My name is Mohammad.live in Bogota.I speak English fluently with a native American accent.I also speak Spanish very well.But Arabic is My first language.So I speak three languages and I have a bachelor degree.I am a TEFL/TESOL certified English teacher.I have two years experience teaching English as a volunteer for charity in Egypt.I have also one year working experience teaching English here in Bogota.I teach English language with different styles and methods.