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    almahalla alkubra
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    Arabic Arabic (Egypt) English English (US)
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    Chinese French German Japanese Korean
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    Computer Engineering student / freelancer
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    Currently studying at Mansoura university
  • Please introduce yourself by sharing the information: why are you interested in learning languages and what is your major motivation; you may write about you as a personality, mentioning your main life achievements and goals; any other interesting information about you, which you would like to share will be appreciated. NOTE: You may write in different languages, so that different language speakers can read and understand the text.

    I love traveling, and the key to a perfect time in other countries is to be able to communicate with the people. And even though English is a very common language, a lot of people still don't know how to speak or understand it. So it is a great joy to learn a new language and be able to use it.

    It builds up self-confidence and makes you smarter.

    I love being a part of helping you achieve that, so hit me up and let's learn together.

    أعشق السفر، ان سر قضاء وقت رائع في دول أخرى هو القدرة على التواصل مع الناس. و بالرغم من كون اللغة الانجليزية من أكثر اللغات انتشارا إلا أن العديد من الناس لا زالوا غير قادرين علي استعمال هذه اللغه. لذا فإن تعلم اللغات و استخدامها لهو متعة كبيرة .

    فهي تعزز الثقة بالنفس و تجعلك اكثر ذكاء لذا أحب أن أكون جزءا في مساعدتك لتحقيق هذا المسعى، هيا لنتعلم سويا

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    other source
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    Arabic Arabic (Egypt) English
  • Please write about your methods and tools, which you use during teaching practice. You may explain why do you like teaching and mention why learners should chose you as their Teacher. Please describe structure of your lessons and explain to your potential learners what are the benefits of your methodology. You may add other details concerning your teaching practice and experience, which you consider essential and interesting. You may upload a plan of your lesson, as an example, or mention the major topics/context/material your lessons are based on. You are welcome to share any other information about you as a personality and character features, which describe you as a good language Teacher.

    Learning a new language is an interesting thing to do, especially if the language you are learning is spoken by a large number of people and has an interesting history.

    As a teacher of Arabic I assure you that you would have a lot of fun learning with me about the language and you would have perfect language by the time we are done.

    online video lessons and documented material, quizzes and regular tests to make sure you have the best experience possible, Participating in every topic is a must. There will be at least a lesson each week in Arabic only

    You can also rate your lessons with me either anonymously or not. 

    You should learn with me because i will be great to communicate with and i'm always available for my students.

    I think teaching a new language helps shape the future lives of my students, so I love doing it.

  • Please shortly write about your professional background, certification and teaching experience. Indicate the age groups and levels you teach. What is your specialization, the strongest professional points and major professional achievements.
    I'm originally studying computer Engineering but I like teaching as a hobby, so you can expect my enthusiasm about it.
    I've been selected by 4YOU2 organization to teach English to their student in Brazil.
    I am okay teaching any age group or any level.
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