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United Kingdom

Learns: Polish , Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan , Spanish

Speaks: English , Portuguese , Russian

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Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching in St. Mary's University in London

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Hi, I am Alexandra.  I am passionate about languages, new cultures and art in all its variety. I love traveling and speaking about countries and traditions. Meeting new people is part of journeys so I take every opportunity to chat with local people, share my experience and learn from them. I am a real language enthusiast, I think that every language spoken in the world is precious. I am a speaker of 5 languages, and at the moment I am learning Spanish and Romanian, and improving Polish,   And I won't definitely stop learning new languages. 

Aprende as línguas comigo! Eu adoro de aprender novos idiomas, e sou falante de 5 línguas. Acho que falar uma nova lingua é descobrir mais sobre o nosso mundo. 

Буду рада видеть Вас на своих уроках, и надеюсь вдохновить Вас на изучение языка, который Вы выбрали, и, возможно, на изучение нового. Знание языка, уверена, это своеобразный код для того, чтобы еще лучше понять мир, в которoм мы живем.