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Oleksandra Feorova

17:16 UTC+01:00

United Kingdom

Teaches: English , Portuguese , Russian

Speaks: English , Portuguese , Russian

Member Since: January 18, 2019

Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching in St. Mary's University in London

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I am keen on giving homework as I am sure that the good results in learning a new language come from a regular usage of this language. However, I try to make this process easier, so I avoid long boring exercises on grammar. Instead I propose students to make connections with their mother tongue, taking examples from every day life. My method is based on active communication, as I believe that knowing a language is knowing speaking in it. So I try to explain grammar, correct mistakes, and introduce new vocabulary in a communicative and fan way, and encourage students to speak. I use a wide range of materials in my lessons, from reading of different kind of articles to audio/video examples.

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