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    Dutch English Spanish
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    Teacher University, Pedagogische Academie, training in multilingualism, several additional courses
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    I have lived in several countries, knowing Angola,Mozambique ,Democratic Republic of Kongo,

     United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Spain. 

    Everywhere I met people struggling with the languages. I love to help to overcome these language problems

    So I teached Dutch to adults and children everywhere I lived.

    During 8 years I was connected to a  Dutch school In Barcelona, where I was the director and teacher.

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    I use several methods and different exercises .

    I  react immediately when I notice the students problems by preparing the next lesson specifically focused on that problem 

    Every student is different, so every class is prepared to the needs of each student

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    Seasoned and qualified Dutch teacher with over 30 years of experience in teaching Dutch to children and adults.
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