Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create an account? How to join Lonet.Academy?

- first option: press button REGISTER (on the right top of the main page) ;


- second option: press button CREATE AN ACCOUNT on any other page (on the right side on the top of the teachers list);

- third option: press button LOG IN and choose REGISTER. 

Any of those will lead you to a new account registration form:

It’s very fast! You will only have to provide the very basic information (email, name, password and your time zone). Agree with Lonet.Academy terms and conditions, read our privacy policy, then press button CREATE MY NEW ACCOUNT.

You will get an email asking you to follow a link to confirm your account creation. Please follow the instructions in the email.

 2.  How to book an language lesson by Skype on Lonet.Academy?

In order to proceed with the booking You are kindly requested to create an account first. 

Please LOG IN using your e-mail and password that you created while registering on Lonet.Academy. 

When you are logged in, please 

- choose the language You want to learn;

- choose a tutor and press the button BOOK A LESSON on the Tutor’s profile page;

- press on a required language button (in case the Tutor teaches several languages);

- choose a type of the lesson you want to book;

The Tutor’s on-line schedule/timetable will appear. Green fields indicate the available time, which you can book.   Choose the day and time and press on the relevant box in the Tutor’s timetable.

You can choose as many lessons as you would like to book (by clicking on the relevant boxes) and choose different types of lessons.

After you have clicked all the relevant lessons you would like to book/request, please scroll up and press the button CONFIRM AND GO TO PAYMENT.

You have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions, choose the payment option and then proceed with the payment accordingly.

More information with visuals about how Lonet.Academy works  can be found here:  HOW IT WORKS.  


3.     How to choose the best language tutor online?

By pressing  the button VIEW PROFILE You can find the information about every Tutor. The Tutors write about themselves and about their teaching preferences. Please read the description of the Tutors’ background, experience and other information, which has been provided by the language tutors on their profiles pages.

You can watch the tutor's introduction video, if provided (at the moment not all of the tutors managed to provide an introduction video). 

Pay your attention at the specialisation of a tutor, his/her qualifications (if mentioned in the profile) and teaching methods if described.

Check the reviews and rating left by the learners.

Go and see the types of the lessons provided by the tutor as well as the prices and time availability.

You can try several language tutors by booking trial lessons with several of them.  After the trial lesson You will want to decide who of the tutors seems more compatible for you and for your goals.

In case You would like to have a consultation about which language tutor to choose and if you have doubts or any specific questions before you want to book your trial lesson, You can sign up for a free consultation with Lonet.Academy creator - Christina, who will be happy to answer all your questions during one-on-one private consultation.


4.     How to contact Your language Tutor before a lesson?

When the lesson request has been confirmed by the language tutor you can send them a message onsite. Ask the questions you might have and exchange with the Skype contact names. You will be also contacted by the tutor the same way. All the messages onsite are also automatically sent to your email, which you registered in your account on Lonet.Academy, which helps you not to miss them.


5.     Why the prices of language classes online are so different? Why the language lessons of one tutor are more expensive than the others'?

All the language tutors are independent and are not employed by Lonet.Academy. So, the prices are set by the tutors and therefore they vary a lot. 

There are several different factors influencing the prices:

-       market price, which is influenced by the demand of a specific language;

-       lesson duration (it may vary from 30 upto 90 minutes);

-       type of the lesson and complexity (whether it demands more or less preparation time for the tutor);

-     language tutor's certifications; 

And some other reasons, which are subject to every individual tutor’s decision.

6.     Is it possible to get a special price or discount for the language classes by Skype?

Yes!  It is possible. Please contact Christina for a special offer or a package price request:

WA  +34 604 139040 

Skype:   CHRIFOR (Christina LONET)


All of the language tutors on Lonet.Academy strive for  bringing knowledge to their learners according to their specific needs and motivations. The lessons provided are individual and therefore the pricing may be quite flexible and most of the tutors are opened for negotiation.

Nevertheless, it is totally up to the Tutor to set the price and to decide on the discount possibility in every specific case. 

7.     How to become a language online tutor at Lonet.Academy?

First, you have to create an account:   just press button BECOME A TEACHER on the main page, or go to LOG IN and choose REGISTER. 

This will lead you to a new account registration form:


Please fill in all the required fields.

In the SIGN UP AS drop-down options please choose “Teacher”. 

Fill in the information required about your teaching experience, methods and other data required.

Upload your picture and indicate the language(s) you teach.


 All the tutors on our platform are totally independent:

- language tutors set their own rates for the lessons;

- they organise their own schedule and set their working hours;

- teachers should have their own material and syllabus as well as should be experienced in teaching (specifically, on-line);

- teachers, who are residents of Latvia should have IK registration number;


After your profile creation you will get an email from Lonet.Academy inviting you for an interview by Skype.

Please note that an interview is obligatory before your Tutor's profile is published on Lonet.Academy. You are welcome to discuss the details and all the questions during the interview.  Also during the interview you may be shown how to arrange the schedule, prices and how to use other website functions as a Tutor.

Lonet.Academy strives for selecting qualified, professional, experienced and motivated language tutors (native and non-native), therefore you might be asked questions about your professional background and other questions relevant to teaching experience, methods, materials and skills. Please note that you might be also asked to demonstrate a lesson. 


8.     As a  language online Tutor, do I need to have my own teaching materials?

Yes, the tutors should have their own material and teaching syllabus. Lonet.Academy does not provide any materials for teaching and does not require to follow any specific syllabus and/or teaching program. All the lessons are individual, one-on-one, provided by Skype or through any webinar platform (upto the Tutors' decision).


9.     Are the language tutors at Lonet.Academy employed by Lonet.Academy?

No, the language tutors are independent freelancers or individual merchants  and Lonet.Academy do not hire the tutors and do not have teaching staff. The language tutors are not employed by SIA LONET. More information about language tutors’ status on Lonet.Academy are to be found in the Terms and Conditions: 

10. What are the payment methods available on Lonet.Academy?

- you can pay by card;

- by PayPal;

- by bank transfer

If you are willing to proceed with the bank transfer, please ask for the invoice for payment by sending the request to:

11. Can my employer (my company) pay for my classes?

Yes. Please contact Christina for the invoice request by writing on the email:

12. Can I watch a sample video of a lesson by Skype?

Yes. At the moment we have started to record the classes thanks to Lonet.Academy tutors who agreed to record and publish their real language lessons by Skype.

We  are still in the process of recording and publishing them. As as example, here is the recorded Latvian language lesson by Skype with a tutor at Lonet.Academy

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