First, you have to create an account:   just press button BECOME A TEACHER on the main page, or go to LOG IN and choose REGISTER.  

This will lead you to a new account registration form:


Please fill in all the required fields.

In the SIGN UP AS drop-down options please choose “Teacher”. 

Fill in the information required about your teaching experience, methods and other data required.

Upload your picture and indicate the language(s) you teach.


 All the teachers on our platform are totally independent:

- teachers set their own rates for the lessons;

- teachers organize their own schedule and set their working hours;

- teachers should have their own material and program as well as should be experienced in teaching (specifically by Skype);

- teachers, who are residents of Latvia should have IK registration number;


After your profile creation you will get an email from LONET management inviting you for an interview by Skype.

Please note that an interview is obligatory before your Teacher profile is published on LONET. You are welcome to discuss the details and all the questions during the interview.  Also during the interview you may be shown how to arrange the schedule, prices and how to use other website functions as a Teacher.

LONET strives for collecting qualified, professional, experienced and motivated teachers, therefore you might be asked questions about your professional background and other questions relevant to teaching experience, methods, materials and skills. Please note that you might be also asked to demonstrate a lesson.

So! If you are an experienced and passionate language teacher and you enjoy teaching remotely, do not hesitate to join the Language Online Network right now! Register on LONET and let the Learners know about you! smile

Last modified: Monday, 9 July 2018, 1:34 PM