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Arabic Language For Successful Future Career

5 Reasons Why Arabic Is Important For Our Children For Future Career European parents usually think that core European languages like French, Spanish, English or Italian are more than enough to empower their children’s successful future career. All these languages are immensely useful, but the important one for future career is often overlooked – Arabic,…

By Christina February 12, 2019 1

Learn Arabic: The UN’s official language

One more reason to learn Arabic language:   It’s The UN’s newest official language With 193 member states, the United Nations is the world’s largest intergovernmental organisation. Splitting off into a long list of specialised branches, this geopolitical behemoth is, for many, a dream to work for.  Of the many ways to get your foot in…

By Christina January 31, 2019 1

Learn Arabic: The Million-Word Language

It’s tough to fathom how many words a language has. It takes tons of study by lingual eggheads to get the numbers, and the results can be staggering. Let’s look at Arabic language! Spoken by over 400 million people , this Semitic language is the world’s 5th most widely-spoken language. With a rich range of…

By Christina January 26, 2019 4