Month: April 2019

Learn Russian To Stand Out and Thrive

Budding language learners often go for Spanish or French at the start. They’re widely-spoken, and have (mostly) the same alphabet as English. Yet, such a move could make you miss a huge opportunity. One offered by the largest country on the planet – Russia. Spoken by 260 million people worldwide, Russian language often scares people…

By Christina April 25, 2019 0

5 Fun Ways To Learn Spanish

I’d love to learn Spanish language, but can’t find enough motivation.  Unbelievable! Even living in Barcelona I didn’t really manage to improve my Spanish a lot, because people switch to English as soon as they hear my Spanish :))) “I want to learn a foreign language, but I don’t have enough time” –  that’s a…

By Christina April 8, 2019 0